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Awards Won:
🏆11 Best Action short
🏆1 Best Director
: October 2021

A Short Film Directed by

Nicolas Bosc

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The Story

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Lola, is a girl looking for revenge 15 years after the murder of her parents. Her real name his Rose, but she had to hide her whole life until the day she found her family murderers

This is the Sequel to ROSE.

The Cast

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Robr Mars _ BOSSMAN

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Julien Briau _ FRENCHIE

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Remi Bakkar _ VINZ

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Lyndrell Palm _ TAYLOR

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Katie O'Donovan _ LOLA

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Gabriel Ramirez _ NICO

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Alexander Stasko _ TONY

The Director

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Nicolas Bosc is a French born film maker, Lately based in the US.

Born and raised in the south of France in a city called Avignon. Nicolas always dreamed to be a film director.

At a very young age he picked-up a video camera and starting recording and editing everything he could, to perfect his craft and vision.

Nicolas Started his career as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, which helped him to learn every aspect of movie making. Nicolas is very well respected in the stunt community, and has found a lot of support to help him make the step to directing and bringing his unique vision to the big screen.

After writing, directing and editing many short stories, Nicolas brings you his latest short film, Pshycosis. In which you get a taste of Nicolas unique style and vision. A mix between French art and American modernism.

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